Can you pay your federal taxes with a credit card?

Answer According to the IRS website, you can pay personal and business taxes with a credit or debit card. As of 2010, the processing fees range from 1.95 to 2.35 percent, depending on the processing comp... Read More »

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Is the nevada federal debit card also a credit card too?

No, the debit card issued by Nevada Federal Credit Union, or any other banking institution, does not function as a credit card. When a debit card is used, the money comes out of your account at tha... Read More »

Federal Taxes - Someone told me there was an extra credit part of the stimulus that people could take, is it ?

probably referring to the make work pay credit, Sch M

Can we pay our Canadian taxes with a credit card?

Canadian taxes cannot be paid with a credit card. The acceptable forms of payment include check and money order. Payments can be made at a financial institution such as a bank, electronically o... Read More »

How to Pay Property Taxes With a Credit Card?

Property tax payments are made to the Tax Collector or Tax Assessor in the county where your property is located. Each state and county offers taxpayers a different method of paying their property ... Read More »