Can you pay property taxes with a credit card?

Answer Generally, most property tax payments can be made with a valid credit or debit card. These payments are generally accepted online or via phone. However, the types of payment options available depen... Read More »

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How to Pay Property Taxes With a Credit Card?

Property tax payments are made to the Tax Collector or Tax Assessor in the county where your property is located. Each state and county offers taxpayers a different method of paying their property ... Read More »

Can you pay property taxes with a Visa card in Washington?

In Washington state, you pay property taxes through your county treasurer's office. All of Washington's counties accept credit card payments for property taxes, but you will incur a surcharge to co... Read More »

Can you pay your federal taxes with a credit card?

According to the IRS website, you can pay personal and business taxes with a credit or debit card. As of 2010, the processing fees range from 1.95 to 2.35 percent, depending on the processing comp... Read More »

Can we pay our Canadian taxes with a credit card?

Canadian taxes cannot be paid with a credit card. The acceptable forms of payment include check and money order. Payments can be made at a financial institution such as a bank, electronically o... Read More »