Can you pay for a building permit if you a renter?

Answer You need to clarify your question. Are you a renter who wishes to build or extend on the property you are renting? If so you first need permission from the owner/realtor, then if you are planning o... Read More »

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Is a building permit required for a portable storage shed if you are a renter?

While a building permit may not be required, make sure it doesn't violate your rental agreement or local zoning laws. My sub-division does not allow outbuildings of any type.

Can you pay for a building permit if you are a renter i have a 12x16 Portable storage shed or do i need one for a Portable storage shed?

a promoter "gets the word out." Period. A developer builds whatever it is........real estate project usually.

What is the acceptable owner to renter percentage in an 18 unit condo building?

The ratio you mention can be a key factor considered by a bank in lending money to a prospective owner.A building with too many renters may appear to the banker like a building with too high a risk... Read More »

How to Get a Building Permit in Florida?

Building permits are required in Florida so that local governments can ensure building projects are performed in a safe and consistent manner. A general building permit is required any time a new s... Read More »