Can you pay a blue ray player in a non-HD TV?

Answer Yes you can but with a limitation. Bluray players almost all have a composite video output and audio outputs, normally found as a yellow, red and black RCA connector or perhaps a SCART connector in... Read More »

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Do you need a blue ray player to watch a blue ray disc or only a hdtv with an ordinary DVD player?

You must have a Blue Ray player to play Blue Ray disks because it is a completely different format than DVD even though the disks look similar. This is similar to asking whether you can play DVDs i... Read More »

Can you play 3d Blue Ray with a reg Blue Ray player or do we need to by a new 3D Blue Ray player?

According to the manufacturers an everyday word can not be trademarked.

Does it damage the blue ray player to play regular dvds in the blue ray player?

Which is a better blue ray player, a traditional blue ray player, or a playstation 3.?

PS3 PS3, u can play games too if ur into it. and ps3 is the cheapest blu ray player