Can you paint vinyl garage doors?

Answer Homeowners love vinyl garage doors and siding because they last for a long time and never need repainting. However, this is not always true. Vinyl can fade over time, or homeowners can change their... Read More »

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How do I paint garage doors?

PreparationPut on a pair of safety glasses, and chip all the old, loose paint off of the garage door with a scraper. Remove the remaining paint with an orbital sander. Fill any dents with spackle, ... Read More »

How to Paint Fiberglass Garage Doors?

Because fiberglass garage doors are smooth and nonporous, they are highly resistant to primer and paint adhesion. If you wish to remodel your fiberglass garage door with a coat of paint, you will n... Read More »

How do I paint vinyl clad doors?

Use Soap, WaterWash any dirt or grime from the vinyl clad door using plain dish soap and warm water. Rinse the clad door using wet rags or a water hose. Wait an hour or two for the door to dry.Slid... Read More »

Can you open other garage doors with your garage door opener?

Yeah sure we can. Any garage opener can do it. The frequency or brand has got nothing to do with it.