Can you paint vinyl floors?

Answer On One Hand: Choose the Right PaintIf you are tired of the old-fashioned vinyl floor in the bathroom or kitchen, it is possible to paint over it with any desired color. Be sure to pick an oil-based... Read More »

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How do I strip vinyl floors?

Stripping Vinyl FloorsMix the floor stripper according to the manufacturer's directions, and mix with the hottest water possible. The hotter the water, the faster it will strip the flooring. Spread... Read More »

How do you remove old wax from vinyl floors?

Answer These are sometimes called "Sports Pools". One advantage is to play games like volleyball where the net is in the middle and players can touch the bottom at each end. Or, at parties, you c... Read More »

How do I remove glue from vinyl floors?

Wet GlueWipe wet glue from the vinyl flooring with a damp rag, and dry with a clean cloth.Dried GluePoint a hairdryer at the hardened glue. Keep the end of the hair dryer 2 inches from the glue. As... Read More »

How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

waxing kentile I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when I wax them with just a gene... Read More »