Can you paint the porcelain tiles around a fireplace?

Answer A fireplace can be a beautiful focal point for a room...or, it can be the stumbling block in your re-decorating project. Porcelain tile can be difficult to remove and costly to replace, but there a... Read More »

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How Do Porcelain Tiles Compare to Ceramic Tiles?

Tiles generally are made from clay or clay mixed with other materials like a quartz ferrite and then kiln-fired to be hardened. Tiles are the broader category that comprise porcelain and non-porcel... Read More »

Are porcelain tiles good?

On One Hand: Hard and DenseAlthough tile terminology is not an exact science, porcelain tile is fired at high temperature and pressure to become the hardest, most dense type of tile that is least i... Read More »

How do I clean porcelain tiles without streaks?

Remove Dirt and DebrisVacuum the tile using a soft bristled brush attachment. Sweeping with a broom, followed by a dry mop, is also an useful technique to remove debris.Mop Porcelain Tile FloorsMix... Read More »

Are ceramic and porcelain tiles the same thing?

Not always. porcelain uses a certain type of clay, where ceramic is all clay.Ceramic tiles are called porcelain when they are non-porous. Another term with the same meaning is fully vitrified. Thes... Read More »