Can you paint plastic shutters?

Answer If you have plastic shutters that are in good condition but the paint has faded or become chalky, they can be repainted. Because most of these shutters are made of vinyl, selecting the right paint ... Read More »

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What can I do to stop squirrels chewing plastic shutters?

Squirrels are cute little animals. But despite their small size, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. They are members of the rodent family. Squirrels have adapted easily to humans and ... Read More »

What type of paint is best for aluminium shutters?

On One Hand: Exterior Latex PaintExterior latex paint is designed for a variety of uses and is suitable for coverage on a wide number of materials, including aluminum shutters. Latex paint is durab... Read More »

Can you spray paint indoor window shutters?

You can use spray paint on indoor shutters, however, most paint manufacturers warn against using spray paint in a room with low ventilation. Be sure to open windows and doors to allow airflow throu... Read More »

Can you paint green vinyl shutters black?

You can paint green vinyl shutters black if you know the proper procedure. The vinyl should be abraded with sandpaper to promote adhesion. Then, a tinted acrylic latex primer should be applied befo... Read More »