Can you paint over mildew?

Answer Since mildew is a parasitic fungus that produces spores, the mildew must be removed by scrubbing the infected area with 3 to 1 mixture of water to bleach. Make sure the bleach is fresh and scrub h... Read More »

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How to Prevent Mildew on Paint?

Mildew is an unsightly fungus that appears as brown, gray and black spots on paint and other surfaces. It needs warmth, humidity and nutrients to grow---all of which are found on the interior and e... Read More »

How to Prevent Mildew in Paint Additives?

Understanding how mildew grows and lives is essential in preventing mildew from growing and reproducing in paint additives. In order for mildew to grow, it needs a food source, oxygen for metabolis... Read More »

I want to paint my unborn nephew a painting to hang in his nursery i dont know what to paint though what are some cute baby boy stuff to paint?

Zoo animals like a giraffe, lion, monkey, zebra or an elephant are quite popular in nursery artwork or also a dinosaur especially for boys.Also a trains, cars or sports for boys.And letters and num... Read More »

If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

Answer if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordinglyAnother thought.Do not ... Read More »