Can you paint over an existing stained concrete countertop?

Answer Concrete countertops are often stained or painted when first installed to give them a particular look that allows them to blend in with other colors in the room. The surface of concrete is very por... Read More »

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What countertop fits on top of the existing countertop?

A company called Granite Transformations makes countertops that fit over existing countertops. The countertops are custom cut and can be installed in 1 to 2 days without any demolition. Granite Tra... Read More »

How do I tile over an existing countertop?

PreparationRemove the sink, garbage disposal and stove. Cut away the caulking at the back of the laminate splash. Cut away the laminate backsplash off flush with the countertop with a reciprocating... Read More »

If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

Answer if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordinglyAnother thought.Do not ... Read More »

How do I lay urethane on stained concrete?

Clean the FloorAllow the stain on the concrete floor to completely dry before you begin. Use a stiff-bristle broom to sweep the entire surface of the stained concrete floor to pick up any and all d... Read More »