Can you paint over a tile floor?

Answer Yes, you can paint over floor tiles. For best results, clean tile before painting and use oil-based or epoxy paints. Semi-gloss and high-gloss latex paints are also suitable. Allow paint to dry com... Read More »

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Can you install a wood floor over an existing ceramic tile floor?

Answer No. Generally wood flooring needs to be nailed down. You may be able to get away with installing a floating laminate floor over the tile, but I would check with the maker of the laminate flo... Read More »

Can you lay ceramic floor tile over a hardwood floor?

Danny Lipford, a home improvement expert, recommends installing a layer of cement board over hardwood floors before laying ceramic tiles. Most experts recommend against attaching the tiles directly... Read More »

Can you lay tile over existing floor tile?

Tile can be installed over an existing tile floor, provided that the existing tiles are not cracked and in good condition. Loose tiles must be re-attached and the entire floor should be cleaned bef... Read More »

Can you tile over tile on a bathroom floor?

Yes you can. But the question is whether it is a good idea to do so. In some instances it can be satisfactory to do; in others, it's better to remove all old tile. In some states this is actually i... Read More »