Can you paint over a tile floor?

Answer Yes, you can paint over floor tiles. For best results, clean tile before painting and use oil-based or epoxy paints. Semi-gloss and high-gloss latex paints are also suitable. Allow paint to dry com... Read More »

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How to Paint Bathroom Floor Tile?

Painting bathroom floor tile can instantly refresh ugly or dated tile. Painting tile requires less work than replacing the tiles, and can be a lot less expensive. Homeowners who choose to paint the... Read More »

The cost to install a tile floor for 1000 sq ft if the tile is 2.00 a tile?

If the price is $2 a tile it depends on the size of the tile. If the tile is 12 in by 12 in then it would be $2 sq ft. If they tile is 6 in by 6 in it would be $8 a sq ft. If you are installing it ... Read More »

What is the tile piece that connects wall tile to floor tile?

It is called a cove tile. It has a little curve at the bottom to connect to the floor tiles.

The ceramic tile on my floor has come up and I want to reglue it but the glue on the tile is stuck and I can't?

ACETONE sold at any paint department, Home Depot, Lowes, or probably any hardware store near you that sells paint