Can you paint old ceramic tile?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Be DoneAny ceramic tile that is not going to be exposed to water on a regular basis can be painted, according to This means that it is safe to paint ceramic ... Read More »

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Can I paint ceramic tile with pool paint?

You can. And if the pool paint is designed for a concrete/Gunite-type surface, it will actually adhere reasonably well. But most pool paints are not designed to give a smooth, shiny surface. They a... Read More »

Can you paint over ceramic tile with oil-based paint?

Oil-based paint is the best kind of paint for painting over ceramic tiles. It is important to apply a layer of primer first. Avoid painting ceramic tiles in damp locations such as a shower or bath ... Read More »

How do I remove paint from ceramic tile?

You can use a paint thinner and a scraper if the paint is only on the tiles and not on the grout it should be easy to remove it . If it's on the tile, just use a razor blade and scrape it off.

How do I hand-paint ceramic tile?

Prepare the SuppliesStart with enough white ceramic tiles for your painting project, plus three extra--two for mixing colors and one in case of an accident. Purchase two medium oil painting brushes... Read More »