Can you paint metal doors?

Answer Painting metal doors is simple and inexpensive once you have all the necessary tools. Metal doors can be given a new lease of life with the right paint job. It is important, though, to have a thoro... Read More »

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How to Paint Factory-Primed Metal Doors?

Painting factory-primed metal doors successfully depends on two factors: preparation and the choice of painting method. Many poorly informed homeowners tackle the job the wrong way. By skimping on... Read More »

How do I clean metal doors before painting?

Wash the DoorsWash the metal doors with a water-based degreaser. Scrub the surface using a coarse plastic brush. Rinse the metal doors thoroughly, or you will have significant problems with paint a... Read More »

Are metal closet doors sensitive to rf?

Wireless signals (RF or radio frequency) are weakened when they are impeded by any structure. This is called attenuation. Certain materials cause more attenuation than others. A metal door causes 6... Read More »

What is the standard gauge for hollow metal doors& frames?

The standard gauge for hollow metal door face sheet thickness varies by the intent of the door. General use doors are typically 18- or 20-gauge steel, with frame thickness of 16-gauge or heavier. H... Read More »