Can you paint faux brick over plaster?

Answer Faux brick may be painted over new and existing plaster; however, the plaster must be primed with either a water- or oil-based paint before the brick is painted. Priming will keep the outer layer o... Read More »

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How to Plaster Over Brick Paneling?

Covering up unattractive brick paneling with stucco is an easy and effective way to create a clean finish that is ready for painting or wallpaper. By following a few simple steps, you can produce a... Read More »

How to Paint Faux Brick?

Faux brick is one type of faux paint finish available. Applying a faux brick finish to walls is an way to get a brick look at a fraction of the cost of applying real bricks. Use these steps to pain... Read More »

Can you paint over horse hair plaster?

Horse hair plaster is made from a mixture of lime putty, sand and water. Each of these ingredients must be added in proper ratios. Horse hair can be worked into the mix to provide greater stability... Read More »

Ideas for Parchment Faux Finishes Over Dark Red Paint?

The art of faux finishes stretches back to ancient Egypt and Pompeii, where people used the art of painting to create finishes that looked like other materials, such as marble, stone or parchment. ... Read More »