Can you paint acrylic over latex semi-gloss paint?

Answer You can apply acrylic paint over a latex semi-gloss paint; however, you will end up with chipping and flaking unless you properly prepare the surface. Abrade the semi-gloss paint by sanding it with... Read More »

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Can you use latex semi-gloss paint that was frozen?

Latex semi-gloss paint is water-based. When any latex paint freezes, the water carrier dries out and it is no longer usable. Store all latex paint where it will not freeze.References:Riley County: ... Read More »

Can you mix semi gloss paint with a flat paint to make satin?

Yes you can. Will it be identical to factory sheen? No. But it will cut the semigloss sheen down. It is your custom paint. And yes, you can go over the other stuff you have already put... Read More »

How do I paint over gloss oil based paint with semigloss latex?

Prepare the SurfacePrepare the surface with a thorough cleaning. The paint and primer you choose may recommend specific cleaning products. Sand the surface of the glossy oil-based paint to improve ... Read More »

Is Semi-Gloss Paint the only Kitchen/Bathroon Paint?

Behr eggshell enamel sold at Home Depot is what you are looking for