Can you paint a brass bed?

Answer On One Hand: Spray PaintYou can use spray paint to paint a brass bed. Other types of liquid paint will not give an even finish. You must thoroughly clean the brass bed with a mild detergent and san... Read More »

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How to Paint Brass?

The difficulty in painting over any metal is that regular paint does not always adhere to it. Brass is an difficult metal to paint, especially if it is heavily polished. Use these steps to paint ov... Read More »

How do I refinish or paint brass?

As a combination of the metals zinc and copper, brass has useful properties. You can use brass in appliances since it contains copper, a key conductor of electricity. Brass has a gold-like appearan... Read More »

How do I paint brass hinges?

Remove the hinges from the furniture.Wipe off any excess dirt or debris from the hinges. Lay out a large area of newspaper on a flat surface. Arrange the hinges onto the newspaper face up. Spray-pa... Read More »

How do I spray paint brass?

Remove Lacquer and Clean BrassSoak the brass item in lacquer thinner to remove any lacquer originally on the item. Paint thinner on the brass if the item is too big to soak. Soak for 15 to 30 minut... Read More »