Can you pack house plants in checked luggage?

Answer I have not read or heard anything saying you cant. I have seen people carry them in their lap though. Where as there might not be regulations regarding domestic flights, there are restrictions reg... Read More »

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Can you pack food in checked luggage?

The Transportation Security Administration does not restrict transporting food in checked airline luggage. If you are carrying food that falls in the liquid or gel category, such as salsa or salad ... Read More »

Should I Pack My Laptop in My Checked Luggage?

The majority of balloons are made from latex or foil, both of which are prone to oxidation over time. The oxidation process, where the latex or foil slowly degrades and the balloon sags, is not ent... Read More »

Can you pack sausage in checked luggage?

There is no rule against putting sausage in checked baggage. If you are crossing an international border, you may have an issue once you go through customs, but the airlines themselves do not prohi... Read More »

Do they X-ray checked luggage?

Every piece of luggage, both carry-on and checked baggage, passes through X-ray machines before being placed onto an airplane. Checked baggage passes through a machine called an Explosive Detection... Read More »