Can you over lap your cpr expiration?

Answer Your new expiration would be 2 years from the day you take it again, so you take it again in November 2012 and it will be good until November 2014.By the way- CERTIFICATES expire, not the training.... Read More »

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Expiration day on Skoal tin (Dip)?

some cans actually dont have an expiration date. most of them are printed directly on the bottom of the can. If the dip is good then I wouldn't worry about it

Expiration date on NO3 chrome?

You should look at the date produced, and look at the shelf life how long.

How do you know if eggs are bad Besides the expiration date...?

Eggs are usually marked with a "sell by" date and are good for quite some time after it--some people go longer than others. As eggs age, they lose some of their moisture and will begin to float in ... Read More »

Do car seats have an expiration date?

Car seats are used to keep infants and small children safe when traveling in vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandates that car seats should not be used more than six ye... Read More »