Which order do I use these products?

Answer Moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter

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How to Order Proactiv Solution Products?

Proactive Solution acne-treatment products are one of the most popular anti-acne products available on the market. The treatment consists of several pieces of acne fighting products including a cle... Read More »

-poll- Mountain Dew drinkers: How would you rate these MD products in order of preference?

Throwback is the bestI buy 2 liter bottles..I wait til its on sale 99c

Is a 'stop order' the same as a 'limit order' set under a desired sell price?

I would hate to have @Slick and @CommonSense as my financial advisers with their explanation (or in the case of CS the confirmation of it) of a Stop Order .Can you imagine....a stop order falling l... Read More »

Is the iphone 4 gonna be available for pre order and reserve on june 15 2010 or just pre order?

When you pre-order something, you reserve it aswell. It's the same thing.The iPhone 4 is available for pre-order on the 15th.When you pre-order, you are guaranteed to get an iPhone 4 on the 25th.