Can you open up a savings account for a child?

Answer Savings accounts at a bank save money for the long-term future as well as for a specific item or event. Children should begin to save money from an early age to learn the value of saving, interest ... Read More »

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What do i need to open a savings account?

Different banks may offer a variety of savings accounts. You may be required to have a minimum deposit or maintain a minimum balance. To open an account, you will at least need to show proof of res... Read More »

How to Open a SBI Savings Account?

The State Bank of India (SBI) offers several account options to its customers, such as an SBI savings account, salary account, current account, business account and non-resident Indian (NRI) accoun... Read More »

How to Open up a Savings Account With a Bonus?

A savings account is the perfect vehicle for putting money aside and building an emergency fund. And if you shop around, you can even get the bank to give you a head start on your savings. Finding ... Read More »

How do I open a savings account in China?

Visit ChinaTo open a savings account in China you will have to visit a bank in person, so a trip to China is necessary.IdentificationPresent your valid passport to the bank representative. The repr... Read More »