If you had sex when you were ovulating and now 3 days later after sex you have a brown discharge does that mean your pregnant?

Answer Answer Brown discharge could mean many things. It does not always mean a pregnancy. If you are experencing this, do not use a tampon and seek out a doctor to test for pregnancy. But, normally blee... Read More »

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Can your wife get pregnant if not ovulating My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for about 3 years now she got pregnant 3 times the last one was 3 months then baby died inside What to do?

If your wife is not ovulating she cannot get pregnant. To find out why you need to visit a medical practitioner.

Is it possible to get feelings in your tummy when the baby moves if you are only 4 or 5 weeks' pregnant?

Answer probablt not i mean its too early to tell that. usually the baby moves in the 5th or 6th month Answer It's possible, you won't feel a strong movement, but fluttering or like the baby is twit... Read More »

What can you do when you've been pregnant 3 times don't have any warning when going into labor and only feel contractions after water breaks which only leaves you 30 minutes to get to a hospital?

Each pregnancy is different, and each person's experience with labor is different. Generally the more babies you deliver, the shorter the time from when labor begins until you deliver the baby. An... Read More »

When you are pregnant does your stomach cramp at the bottom if you are only a week and a half along?

Answer You do get crampy when you are pregnant. Have you missed your period yet? It will feel like period cramps (normally) Also, in early pregnancy many women get constipated, so it could be from... Read More »