Can you name your top 5 favorite Vegetables ?

Answer asparagusBroccolisweet potatoes baked with butter, honey, and Cinnamon!okra (what can I say? I am from the south!)field peasOh, I love black beans too! I make a very good black bean chili! Peace!

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What are your top 3 favorite Vegetables?

1) Red pepper2) Baby spinach3) Broccoli Although I love all vegetables. =DGood night and have a good weekend yourself. =D

What's your favorite boy name and favorite girl name?

My favorite girl name is Julietteand my favorite boy name is JamesI just realized they both start with Jhave funFrom Alice Mae

Your favorite & least favorite name off my girl listWhy?

These names are all STUNNING .♥ I am at a loss of words to explain how much I love them, let alone enough will power to choose between them! Can I say all of them are my fave?(:Okay, here goes...... Read More »

What is your favorite Girls Name that starts with the 2nd Letter of your Yahoo User Name?