Can you move out of state with joint custody?

Answer Only with permission from the other parent and the court.

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If you have primary physical custody of your daughter but joint legal custody with her father do you need permission from the court or him to move her to a different state?

AnswerIn most states you do. There are forms you can find online and have both the father and the mother sign them in front of a notary. I have done it in my case just as a safety measure.

Can you move out of state with joint primary physical custody?

Answer If both parents agree to one parent moving out of state with the child, then you can have your custody agreement amended with new terms.

With no joint custody can a mother move her child out of state?

That depends on the individual state laws, but even without it specifically covered, the father can and should file an injunction.

Can a custodial parent with joint custody move out of New York state?

Yes, as long as you have the other parents consent to do so and the approval of the court with jurisdiction over the case.