Can you move out of state if you have full custody?

Answer Answer I have custody of my ten year old daughter and am living in Edmond, Oklahoma. My ex lives in Tulsa, OK. I have lived in Edmond for seven years now. The current custody arrangement has bee... Read More »

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If you have full custody of your grandchildren can you move the kids to another state?

AnswerYes. Full custodial rights allow the guardian(s) to make decisions on where they choose to live with the children, medical issues, and so on. However, many states require notice be given to t... Read More »

Can the mother who has full custody move out of state of residency of the father?

No. Not if the father has visitation rights. In that case the mother would need court approval. If the father objects the court will hear the objections and issue a ruling.

My wife has sole physical custody but I have joint legal custody will I still get my kids one night per week if I move out of state or if she does?

Answer Yes.It is possible for joint custody to be awarded under such circumstances.Two of the biggest factors would be the age of the child or children and the viability of the parenting plan subm... Read More »

If you have primary physical custody of your daughter but joint legal custody with her father do you need permission from the court or him to move her to a different state?

AnswerIn most states you do. There are forms you can find online and have both the father and the mother sign them in front of a notary. I have done it in my case just as a safety measure.