Can you move out at 17 in New York?

Answer Moving out at 16 The legal age of majority in New York state is 18. You will not be able to move out at 17 without parental consent. It will not matter what city you live in,Unless Emancipated. He... Read More »

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If you are 16 and a half and move from New York to New Jersey can you get New Jersey auto insurance even though you have a New York Junior license?

Answer It depends on the age of the child. Technically, the parent is responsible for anything that the child does up to the age of resposibility, whatever that is in your state.Instead of worryin... Read More »

How to Move to New York?

A short guiding tour of leaving your past behind (kind of) and booking it to Brooklyn. Well, not exactly. This article deals with moving to Manhattan.

In New York are you allowed to move out at 17?

In New York, probably not. Even though when you are 17 you think you are mature enough, it is proven that you aren't. It really depends on what state you are moving into and if you are going to be ... Read More »

Can you move out at 17 in New York if you are pregnant?

Answer Legally no, pregnancy does not confer automatic emancipation to the female minor. However, authorities would not intervene unless the minor female's parents obtained a requisition order from... Read More »