Can you move contact information from BlackBerry to BlackBerry?

Answer Getting a new phone can be fun and exciting. However, having to re-enter all of your contact information can be tedious and tiresome. Luckily, these days transferring information from one phone to ... Read More »

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How do I transfer information from my old Blackberry to my new Blackberry?

Start the BlackBerry Desktop ManagerConnect your old BlackBerry to your computer through the USB. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. (See Resources)Create Backup FileClick "Backup and Restore" o... Read More »

How do I copy Blackberry information to a new Blackberry?

Connect each of your BlackBerry phones to your computer through the USB ports. Start the "BlackBerry Desktop Manager" by going to "Start" > "All Programs" > "BlackBerry" > "Desktop Manager", on you... Read More »

How do I Download Pictures From a Blackberry to a Computer Using PocketMac for Blackberry?

PocketMac for BlackBerry is a program that allows BlackBerry owners to sync information from their Mac to their BlackBerry and visa versa. The program was originally created as a solution for Mac o... Read More »

Why has blackberry messenger&blackberry app world vanished from my phone?

delete the theme and go on your computer download it from the app world online and copy and paste to your phone ! if it doesnt work the orange shop probbly will just state the obvious but depends, ... Read More »