Can you mount a LCD or Plasma TV over a woodburning fireplace ?

Answer The answer is "yes", but a) it'll be a pain unless you're working with somebody experienced and b) it's largely dependent on how far you want to take the process. The problem is most retail instal... Read More »

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Types of Inserts for a Woodburning Fireplace?

Retrofit your unused fireplace with an insert to bring back the joys of the fireplace. Fireplace inserts are either electric, gas, or corn and wood pellet stoves, which are installed inside the fir... Read More »

How to Turn a Fireplace Into a Woodburning Stove?

Wood stoves are a more efficient method of wood-based heating than open fireplaces. Much of the heat of an open fire will escape into the chimney masonry or out of the chimney itself, but a wood s... Read More »

Are fireplace inserts more efficient than woodburning stoves?

On One Hand: Today's Fireplace Inserts are Highly EfficientHigh-efficiency fireplace inserts are nearly as effective as high-efficiency wood stoves. Both apply the same enclosed combustion technolo... Read More »

How to Hang a Plasma TV Over the Fireplace?

You can hang a plasma TV over the fireplace to create more space in the room and also keep the television safely out of reach from children. Furthermore, hanging your TV adds comfort and enjoyment ... Read More »