Can you mix weed & alcohol?

Answer Here's what I noticed about that. If I drank a bunch first and then smoked I would black out and act the fool. If I smoked first and then drank it was awesome.But yeah, either way it's safe. Aft... Read More »

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Can you mix Alcohol, Weed and Codeine?

Weed does not have anything to do with the equation.The other two would be very harmfull mixed. There are many recorded deaths accosiated with codine, and mixing with alcohol. The weed can really b... Read More »

Which is "better," Alcohol or Weed?

weed! it doesn't make you violent, doesn't give you such a bad hangover (mild if anything) and will make you giggle not cry and start arguments. Just don't overdo it or you'll feel poorly

Weed vs Alcohol: Which is worse for you?

It depends really. Both can be very bad for you if used heavily. Marijuana has a lot of medicinal value, but red wine is also very good for your heart. Alcohol can be fattening though.I guess weed ... Read More »

WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?

Weed for sure! you might slow down a bit but you're still in control. very few people get arrested for brawling insulting behaviour when they're stoned, opposed to drunk. .... and everyone knows t... Read More »