Can you mix pain pills and alcohol?

Answer On One Hand: Maybe With One Or Two DrinksAccording to the New York Times, having less than three drinks per day while taking an over-the-counter pain killer, such as Tylenol, will probably not have... Read More »

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What are symptoms of being addicted to pain pills Just curious Pain & Pai?

If you take them even when you are not in pain, you may be addicted.

Is there an alternative pain reliever, to replace man made pain pills?

For arthritis, Turmeric, like cortizone shots! It's for inflammation. it works on anyone I heard that has tried it. My brother, says he would be in great pain all over his body without it, told me ... Read More »

How come the pain pills....Vicodin....that I take for my leg pain doesn't take away a headache?

it could be the pills causing the headache to begin with, stop taking it and see if it goes away.

Alcohol with sleeping pills?

As long as it's an over the counter sleep-aid, there's really no worry about a bad chemical interaction. Keep in mind that over the counter pills are available to everyone because of how extremely ... Read More »