Can you mix oxycodone and hydrocodone for a tattoo?

Answer Both are codeine products which are used for pain control.I don't recall any action of the products causing a thinning of the blood however you don't want to potentiate the effects of two different... Read More »

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Is oxycodone or hydrocodone best for a toothache?

On One Hand: Hydrocodone for a ToothacheHydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever that is similar to codeine, according to It is used to relieve low to moderate pain.On the Other: Ox... Read More »

Can people who are allergic to oxycodone take hydrocodone?

On One Hand: Explicit Allergy Warning for states plainly regarding oxycodone, "Do not use this medication if you have ever had an allergic reaction to a narcotic medicine (exampl... Read More »

If one had an a itchy reaction to hydrocodone, is it likely that one would have the same reaction to oxycodone?

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How much oxycodone is too much?

A physician will prescribe a safe dose of oxycodone. Any amount of oxycodone over that dosage is very dangerous. Oxycodone can affect your ability to breathe, and too much could lead to respiratory... Read More »