Can you mix albuterol sulfate&ipratropium bromide?

Answer Yes. There are no known interactions between the drugs albuterol sulfate (albuterol) and ipratropium bromide (iptratropium), both of which are used by asthmatics to open up the air passages in thei... Read More »

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Is hydrogen bromide polar?

Hydrogen bromide is polar. Bromine is much more electronegative than hydrogen, so the bromine end of the bond has a small negative charge, and the hydrogen end has a small positive charge. All of t... Read More »

Potassium Bromide & Water?

Potassium bromide is an ionic salt, written as KBr for scientific purposes. It is manufactured by the reaction of potassium carbonate with a bromide of iron. KBr reacts readily with water, and appe... Read More »

What is potassium bromide?

Also known as bromide salt of potassium and hydrobromic acid potassium salt, potassium bromide is a chemical compound used in a several industries.ChemistryThe chemical formula for potassium bromid... Read More »

Warnings for Potassium Bromide?

Potassium bromide, or bromide salt of potassium, is a common chemical that can pose serious risks for humans. This chemical was originally used in the United States to treat seizures and as a sedat... Read More »