Can you microwave plastic bowls?

Answer It is safe to microwave plastic bowls if they are labeled as "microwave safe." Otherwise, you run the risk that toxic chemicals from the plastic will leach into the food.Source:Mayo Clinic: Does mi... Read More »

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Can putting plastic plates and bowls in the microwave give cancer?

With respect to the safety of eating foods from a microwave; well this all depends on the containers used to heat the food in. Some plastics, for instance, are more prone to the effect of "migratio... Read More »

Can you microwave styrofoam bowls?

Styrofoam, also referred to as polystyrene, normally will melt in the microwave due to the food or beverage becoming hot. It is always advisable to transfer your food from polystyrene bowls to a ce... Read More »

Can you use aluminum bowls in a microwave oven?

Do not use any type of metal in the microwave. Thicker metal, such as an aluminum bowl, will not cook food because it works against the mirrors inside the microwave that do the cooking. Thinner m... Read More »

Are plastic bowls dangerous to microwaves?

Only some plastic bowls are safe to use in a microwave. Users should check the packaging that came with the bowls to know if the bowls are microwave safe and follow the instructions.References:Plas... Read More »