Can you microwave brie?

Answer On One Hand: Microwave BrieBrie is often baked or heated to soften the cheese for spreading on crackers or serving with a dessert, and heating brie on 50 percent power in a microwave for a minute o... Read More »

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If a recipe says heat someting for 3 minutes in a microwave, but you dont have a microwave.....?

What is it??? With only that information, I'd ballpark it at 20 min. on 350º.But I can't promise that will work, man!! That's really vague.edit:HAHA dude you must be messing with me. You could ... Read More »

How to Eat Brie?

Brie cheese comes from the département of Seine-et-Marne region of France formerly known as "Brie". It is pale in color, often found with an edible white rind, and it may have a slight greyish tin... Read More »

How to Bake Brie?

Brie is a soft French cheese made in the Seine-et-Marne area of France. Brie can be served warm as a simple appetizer with toasted or untoasted bread. The savory flavor of brie also coordinates wel... Read More »

Is rennet in brie cheese?

Brie cheese is made with rennet, a natural complex of enzymes, according to The Farm. Rennet is available in vegetable or animal form and is used to coagulate milk during cheese production. Brie ch... Read More »