Can you massage someone with a baker's cyst?

Answer "Massage is locally contraindicated in the popliteal fossa...especially if the client has a Baker's cyst. In addition, if any signs of circulatory disruption (coldness, clamminess, edema) are dist... Read More »

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Bakers cyst Serious?

Hello, I'm sorry about your knee. Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain. Yes, if you have a baker's cyst, that could be the result of your previ... Read More »

How to Massage With the Frontal Lift Hold in Cranial Massage?

Cranial sacral therapy is a form of massage therapy which utilizes gentle pressure along the cranial bones, spine and sacrum to release pressure caused by abnormal flow of cranial-sacral fluids. He... Read More »

Scan report of a ne born baby reads Fairly well defined this walled anechoic cyst swelling seen insub cutaneous fat planned of right upper back cysyt size 6.4 5 cm Lymphatic Cyst Skin Lension norma?

Neglect as a word implies is a lack of attention; slavery implies a type of abuse. A farmer friend of mine said they had kids because its semi-free slave labor. It is highly dependent on what is go... Read More »

I have been diagnosed with serous cyst?

This is the cancer section and you do not have cancer.