Can you marry your mother's sister's husband?

Answer Where polygamy is illegal it is illegal to marry someone's husband. If this man is someone's husband, he is not permitted to marry anyone else. However, if your mother's sister (your aunt) is dece... Read More »

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Why are women often jealous of their husband's sisters and sisters-in-law?

In some cultures, some jealousy of the husband's family members may be that they are feeling like they have to compete with then or are feeling judged by them. In other cultures jealousy of this s... Read More »

Can you marry your step mothers brother?

yes of course also you can marry your cousions

Can you marry your mothers adopted brother?

Yes you canAdded: Teechnically that person would be your Step-Uncle, and you are not related by 'blood.'

What is the closest relationship your daughter could have with your sisters nephews mothers sister?

She could be your sister's nephew's mother's sister's daughter, or aunt.