Can you marry your mother's cousin sister's daughter?

Answer No

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What is the closest relationship your daughter could have with your sisters nephews mothers sister?

She could be your sister's nephew's mother's sister's daughter, or aunt.

Your first cousin has a daughter and she has a first cousin. Would her cousin be your cousin?

Your first cousin's daughter is your first cousin, once removed.Her first cousin could also be your first cousin, once removed. That would be the case if her cousin was the child of a sibling of yo... Read More »

Is it a sin to marry your 5th cousin?

The Bible does not forbid marrying your cousin so let's make sure in our zeal to help others that we don't confuse what our culture teaches with what the Bible teaches.Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them tha... Read More »

Can you marry your fourth cousin?

Yes it is legal to marry you fourth cousin in all jurisdictions. As a practical matter, most people don't even know who their fourth cousins are and so would not know if they were marrying such a c... Read More »