Can you marry your 17-year-old pregnant fiance if you both live in Kentucky?

Answer Answer If she has her parent's permission, yes, you can get married.A pregnant minor who is at least 16 does not need parental permission to be married. She must present certification of the pregn... Read More »

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Can a pregnant 17-year-old marry her fiance without her parents' permission?

Answer There are a few states that allow a pregnant minor to marry without permission.The minor must be a resident of the state, she may not leave a state that does not have such laws and travel t... Read More »

Can an 18 year old pregnant female marry a 16 year old male in the state of Kentucky without his parents consent if it is his child?

What do you do if your 16 and your pregnant by a 20 year old and you live in Kentucky can the state pick up charges in him if he wants to be part of the babies life?

AnswerWell, I don't know about the specific laws of Kentucky, but I do know that regardless of your age difference with him, it is legally considered a separate issue than visitation with your baby... Read More »

If a 16 year old girl gets pregnant from her 18 year old fiance in the state of Arizona will the guy go to jail even if the victim doesn't want him to?

Answer VICTIM, of what irresponsibility. Dont worry now about what will happen to him, worry about the baby that you dont have money to pay for and hopefully will come out with no medical issues, ... Read More »