Can you make your own mood beads?

Answer On One Hand: Make a Mood Bead BraceletMake your own mood beads by taking apart a color-changing thermometer strip that you would stick onto the side of a fish tank. These thermometer strips work th... Read More »

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Does chocolate make your mood swings worse during your period?

Answer No, it just makes you gain weight. However check out this website: indcates chocolate may have a slight effect on serotonin levels, which ... Read More »

How to Make Your Mood Ring Black?

The 1970's mood ring rage continues to be part of pop culture and a source for retro fashion statements. The ring's allure is that its bulbous shell changes color based on the wearer's mood. A colo... Read More »

How to Make a Unique Mood Board for Your Room?

So, you're thinking about making your own mood board to spice up your boring room and show visitors and friends you have awesome style and personality? Then, read ahead!

How to Make Your Own Glass Beads from Scratch?

This article explains how a beginner can make glass beads from scratch, using a method called "lampworking".