Can you make your blu ray player download quicker?

Answer CD is mainly used for distributing music,while DVD can store more data and used to distribute movies and BLUE RAY can hold up to 50GB.

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What is a quicker way to download music other than the youtube converter?

If you use firefox, use this. you use chrome, use this. Read More »

Is there a way to make the songs you download from iMesh available to burn or put on your MP3 player or iPod without paying?

Imesh+Itunes yes.if you have an ipod then you have itunes. When you have itunes all music is played there instead of in windows media player so yes you can.Its the same thing as if you bought the s... Read More »

How do you take music from LimeWire and put it directly onto an ipod or mp3 player without having to download some other program or do you have to download something answers please?

All I use is iTunes and Limewire.I just download the music on limewire and drap and drop it into iTunes then sync my ipod.Hope I helped :D

Why can't I download the new Adobe Flash Player Can I download it?

You can either choose the option from Adobe's website to just download straight to your hard-drive, and not do the install.Or use another Browser to do the download.Or download the install file usi... Read More »