Can you make your baby's father sign over his rights?

Answer Answer A biological father cannot be forced to relinquish his rights to his child simply because the mother wishes it to be so, the act must be voluntary.In some cases the court has the power to t... Read More »

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In the state of Florida can a father sign over rights i got a woman pregnant and want nothing to do with it and she knows that i would like to sign over any parental rights..can i do that?

grow up and be a man first of all u need grow up n b a man an raise ur child. an the answer is no.

Can you make the father sign over his parental rights even though there are no court documents?

Answer No, only the court can permanently terminate parental rights. Courts are very reluctant to take away all parental rights except in extreme circumstances of neglect and/or abuse. After establ... Read More »

Can a father be forced to sign over parental rights if there are no court documents naming him the father?

Answer The first thing you need to do is get a paternity test preferably a DNA.Even if you are positive, the court will want solid proof.Family Court is concerned with what is in the best interest ... Read More »

How do you go about having the father sign his rights away?

you can get him drugged out and then tell him to sign if he loves your kids.