Can you make up your own hashtag on twitter or do I need to use the ones there?

Answer You can hashtag anything you want. #likethis

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How to Use a Hashtag as an ID Value on Twitter?

Hashtags are a way for Twitter users to organize popular topics. Users can follow and view hashtag conversations to read all tweets that reference a specific hashtag comment. To implement a hashtag... Read More »

What is a hashtag on twitter?

When Twitter users put the hash symbol (also known as the pound or number sign: "#") before a word on Twitter, they convert that word into a category other users can search on. They can be part of ... Read More »

How to Archive Twitter Hashtag Tweets?

Twitter users add hash tags to their posts so that other users with similar interests can easily view them. Adding a keyword after a "#" symbol in a Twitter post -- also known as a Tweet -- automat... Read More »

IPod is this really the best MP3 player to buy I need a new one but Im wondering if there are better ones?

I agree with aurum5785. I use a 2nd generation shuffle when I work out. It is affordable, small, lightweight, holds plenty of music, and doesn't get in the way when I am exercising, I love it. I al... Read More »