Can you make pie crust with wheat flour?

Answer The main ingredient in a pie crust, whether homemade or store-bought, is usually wheat flour. Even graham cracker and cookie crusts have wheat as a main ingredient. The exceptions are crusts made f... Read More »

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Can I replace whole wheat flour for whole wheat pastry flour?

It is not advisable to replace whole wheat flour with whole wheat pastry flour. Since whole wheat pastry flour is made from a lower protein, finely ground form of wheat, it yields lighter, softer-t... Read More »

How to Make Noodles from Wheat Flour?

[Includes measurements] For as long as there have been humans, there has been pasta. Most civilizations have their own version, with ingredients available to them. The most common pasta in North Am... Read More »

Can I substitute regular bread flour for white whole-wheat flour?

On One Hand: Substitute Equal Amounts of Bread FlourYou may use bread flour in a recipe that calls for white whole-wheat flour. Bread flour is the same as white whole-wheat flour, except the germ ... Read More »

Can you use whole wheat flour to make a sourdough starter?

Whole-wheat flour can be used to make a sourdough starter, which is created by mixing roughly equal amounts of flour and water together. Sourdough starter is then allowed to sit at room temperature... Read More »