Can you make me smile today?

Answer YADADADAAAA(breaks into song) OHhhhh, lava is hotter than a char-broiled otter and my shoes keep stickin to the fiberglass floor, i heard you're gloomy and bacoming more doomy so i thought id holle... Read More »

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Who sang Smile Smile Smile on Castle?

Apparently Criminal Minds Season 5 will start in September I heard that it will start on September 22, I am SO excited!

When is the age of when babies smile the real smile?

On average babies start smiling at 2 months - but some are earlier, some later.

How to Make a Boy Smile?

This is about boys in a romantic/friend way, not in a little brother way. It's very easy to make a little brother smile, you just find him when he's in a good mood and tickle him.

Can I make my smile better?

hey, don't worry. Once those babies are off, you will have a great smile. Just don't think about it too much. Smile and be confident in it. You're a kid! Enjoy this time!