Can you make lemonade with lemon juice instead of lemons?

Answer Yes, you have to add water and ice and your choice of sweetener (sugar, splenda, etc)

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How to Make Lemonade Using Lemon Juice?

The is how to make very delicious lemonade without lemons! Perfect for hot summer days.

How do i make lemonade with real lemon juice by the glass?

The LemonsWash one or more lemons to remove any bacteria from the rind. Cut the lemon(s), in half, from stem to end. Squeeze the lemon halves, allowing the juice to drip into a glass. Four tablespo... Read More »

Why is lemon juice artificially flavored, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Not really a deep question, but more marketing propaganda on the Dishwashing company's side.If any amount of "real" lemons is used in dishwashing liquid, a company can claim it is made with real le... Read More »

Have you ever frozen your fresh squeezed lemon juice into cubes and then made lemonade?

thanks ! you have just given me a good idea on what to do with all those lemons .