Can you make essential oil?

Answer Any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Rhododendron of the North Temperate Zone, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers.

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What make-up is essential?

I just use cover-up, a little mascara and eyeshadow. I want to use eyeliner because it look nice, but I always smear it or mess it up, so I don't bother.

How to Make an Essential Spy Kit?

Have you always wanted to make our own spy kit but didn't know what you need? Well, this article tells you step by step what you need to get and do.

How to Make Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile oils that can be extracted from aromatic plants. Their use dates back to ancient times, and their wide variety of therapeutic, medicinal and culinar... Read More »

How do you make essential oils?

Essential oil can be extracted from herbs using stills and steam extraction. The steam carries the essential oils from the plant material into a condenser, or a copper coil. When cooled off in the ... Read More »