Can you make bug spray with skin so soft for horses?

Answer [1] The horse-friendliest sprays to control bugs tend to use one of two sets of active ingredients: the botanicals, and the oils. [2] The botanicals are made from plants. They're ka cypermethrin, p... Read More »

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How to Make Your Skin Soft With No Products?

I don't like using products on my skin, not because I'm like a chemical freak, but because I usually get most of it in my hair haha. So this is what I do every night before bed and it works wonders!!

How to Make Your Skin Soft and Smooth for Cheap?

In some cultures, the condition of one's skin is the ultimate sign of one's beauty. Learn how to keep your skin soft, smooth, and vibrant at home without expensive luxury products. ... Read More »

Will olive oil soap make your skin soft?

On One Hand: Olive Oil Contains Fats and VitaminsOlive oil has been used for skin and hair care for hundreds of years. Olive oil is a natural skin moisturizer that contains vitamin E and antioxidan... Read More »

Are horses sensitive to pepper spray?

Pepper spay is pure capsaicin, the substance that makes chili peppers hot. Capsaicin affects horses the same way it affects humans—it causes nerves to send false signals of heat. Not only that, b... Read More »