Can you make a wikipedia entry for yourself?

Answer No. That would violate the neutrality policy in biographies of living persons and would most likely fail the test of notability.

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How do I make a Wikipedia entry?

Wiki has several tutorials. There's more to it than creating a page. You need to use the WIKI version of HTML, their tags, and link it to the right topic area. They are very picky on format and co... Read More »

Did you ever make a Wikipedia entry?

Hmm...this is what I have...not as much...User groups: rollbacker Edits (including deleted edits): 3965Edits: 3746Deleted edits: 219Rollbacks: 1828 Pages patrolled: 44Files uploaded: 1Main 1797 47.... Read More »

How come the wikipedia entry on male ejaculation has pictures but the entry on female ejaculation doesn't?

Because wikipedia admins don't know any women.

How to add a picture to a wikipedia entry?

It is not possible for Wikipedia to include an image not present on Wikipedia or Wikimedia commons.You have roughly two options:1. Put the URL to the image in the external links section of the arti... Read More »