Can you make a video game at home?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Make a Video GameThere are many online tutorials dedicated to teaching beginners how to design and program their own video games, from simple sudoku games to 3D first-person sh... Read More »

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Who manufactured the first home video game system?

The first home video game system was manufactured by Magnavox and was called the Odyssey. The Odyssey was designed by Ralph Baer and was released in 1972. The Magnavox Odyssey sold for $100 and cam... Read More »

How to Make a Video Game With Cmd?

Here is a free, easy, no-download way to make a video game. You will learn a little bit about batch programming in the process. You'll need to supply your own story to go with this game.

How to Make Video Game Box Art?

A signifcant portion of the video game market is used game sales. While this is a more affordable alternative to paying full retail price, many times consumers will end up with damaged or missing b... Read More »

How do you make a video game for the PS2?

Video games have become big business these days, making more money then just about any form of entertainment out there. With a great concept, a bit of luck and the right connections, you can make y... Read More »