Can you make a themed movie weekend for a future movie buff?

Answer Theme: Mysterious Thriller 1. Se7en (watch first)2. The Prestige3. Following4. The Game5. Insomnia6. Memento (watch last)Nolan and Fincher are great at making them so that's why I mainly used them.... Read More »

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Themed movie menu help!!?

Angel food cake for dessert for sure. But which Angelina Jolie movie? Where do the films take place? Maybe build your menu around the regional cuisine of the film's locale.

Need a director to film 70's themed movie...?

Do I have a part? Unless I'm the hairy Mexican? ...

How to Make a Movie With a Webcam and Windows Live Movie Maker (Pre Teens)?

Want to do a movie? but only have a webcam.I'll help you solve your problem.

Make a Movie Trailer on Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker can be very helpful in making many movies, or even movie trailers.I don't know.