Can you make a star symbol on your computer?

Answer ★Copy and paste...The HTML for it is (remove the spaces):& # 9733;or& #x 2605;

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How do u make a star symbol?

use the alt key on the left side of your keyboard + 42 on the numeric keyboard

How Do You Make the Trademark Symbol on a Computer?

The symbol "®" designates a trademark that is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This symbol can be distinguished from the symbol "â„¢," which is used to indicate trademarks th... Read More »

Does anyone know how to make a star symbol with the alt + (a number on the number pad)?

Try Alt + 9733I couldn't try this on my own computer as I have a new keyboard that's all screwed up, but it might work out for you. If not, sorry.Edit-That one works for the black star, the white ... Read More »

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